The Genesis and Future of personal assistant. Link to blog

GPT-4 driven Task Pilot
that works like magic.


Speak like to a human

Using GPT models, we answer your questions fast and accurately, based on the world’s knowledge or your personal documents, emails and PDFs.

Answer general and private questions

With access to all publicly available online information, your applications and documents, assistant quickly answers any questions.

Upload documents, build a knowledge

An assistant that effortlessly works with all your data to deliver instant answers. Save details in handy notes for easy querying later on.

Realize simple and complex tasks using Skills

Save enormous amount of time and energy with a marketplace of Skills. It's like working with 100 people with various expertise, at once.
Product screenshot

Skills Marketplace

Done as a Service

TaskPilot's role is to provide answers and perform tasks for you. Skills are your
superpower – you say what should be done, all within a single conversation.

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Future of work

Done as a Service

It’s a major paradigm shift. You speak in natural human language and the assistant performs the task you had specified. Of course, it takes some time for you and Vi to get along but it can do a tremendous amount of work for you.

Done as a Service
Voice to task
Query other services, deliver answers
Simplicity and powerful

Work together with Your team

It's perfect for your company to collaborate on tasks together, manage all important processes, and double your work efficiency.

Data & knowlege graph

Upload documents, web pages, or your own notes in addition to voice inputs, allowing TaskPilot to execute skills based on the knowledge acquired from these sources.

Work together with Your team

TaskPilot gives you the opportunity to create your own skills easily and quickly. In just a few moments, you can teach TaskPilot any task without any coding required.


Tasks done on your computer

There are two ways in which TaskPilot performs tasks in the GUI. Through a plugin for Google Chrome or inside your desktop applications.

Browser plugin

It's like magic. You speak, and the system performs the task on your computer. Completing tasks has never been easier, as you watch AI bring them to life.

Desktop agent (soon)

The comprehensive application will support all your computer programs, becoming a game changer for both your personal and company productivity.

Robot process automation

TaskPilot is not just an assistant, it's also a robot capable of handling all RPA tasks for your company, executing them step by step.
Product screenshot

More than RPA, it’s a
“Done as Service”

The way we can use available skils, nest them and compose new ones goes beyond previous perceptions.

All your company
processes in one place

Integrating all processes in a company has never been easier. TaskPilot stores many of the necessary tasks and you can run each of them in 5 seconds from the moment you think of it.